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Beyond the Tropics

26 May — 4 June 2016

Beyond the Tropics
Iván Candeo, Retrato populista, 2009

The exhibition "Beyond The Tropics" is the result of the work of 12 artists reflecting upon social differences caused by economic inequalities.

Beyond The Tropics is the third and last phase of the project titles Sobre paradoxes democràtiques (On Democratic Paradoxes), and it showcases the works of a dozen international artists as they reflect on social, political and economic inequality. The exhibition is displayed as an open conclusion that arises from the forays of the first two phases Hic et Nunc and Ibi et Nunc, into the American continent.

The exhibition puts the spotlight on new artists and works in thelight of the evolution of some of the project’s initial considerations. That is why Beyond the Tropics has been conceived as a discursive action that can only take place after having displayed, exchanged and expanded one’s horizons and reflections. All of the artists hail from and live in ostensibly democratic countries but, as we all know, this does not in any way guarantee basic welfare or fundamental rights. The twelve selected works contain clear and direct proposals and denunciations. Thus, their political essence is used to point an accusatory finger through artistic practice.

Artists and works: 

1st Screen
PSJM (Spain)
ANCAPS, 2015
Joaquín Segura (Mexico)
Casa Popolurui, 2015

2nd Screen
Andrea Mármol (Guatemala)
Ri Kach’ (The Gum), 2014
Isabel Rocamora (UK, Spain)
BodyWar, 2015

3rd Screen
Eugenio Ampudia (Spain)
Dónde dormir # 5-El Palau (Where to Sleep # 5-El Palau), 2015
Iván Candeo (Venezuela)
Retrato Populista (Populist Portrait), 2009

4th Screen
Jorge García (Spain)
This is Not the End, 2015
Tomás Ochoa (Ecuador)
Indios medievales (Medieval Indians), 2007

5th Screen
Núria Güell (Spain)
Sweet Europe #1 (Support Swedish Culture), 2014

6th Screen
Patricio Palomeque (Ecuador)
Cabezas (Heads), 2015
Avelino Sala (Spain)
The Letter (Delfina), 2015

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