Anton Vidokle. Immortality for All

— A film trilogy on Russian Cosmism

Sunday 17 November 2019, 4:30 pm

The cultural movement known as ‘Russian Cosmism’ was developed by philosopher Nikolai Fedorov at the end of the 19th Century and it emerged in Russia before the October Revolution. While entailing a broad theory of natural philosophy, it had the utopian objective to not only reform art but to also create a brand new world: its ideological pillars were the end of Death, resuscitation and free movement in cosmic space. In his ninety-six minute film trilogy, Anton Vidokle, artist and e-flux Editor, recuperates the foundations of Cosmist thinking and captures the remains of Soviet art and architecture, from the desolate steppes of Kazakhstan to the museums in Moscow. To constitute the musical background for such imaginary seemingly suspended in time, the compositions by John Cale and Éliane Radigue.

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