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Anna Malagrida. ‘In Search of the First Gesture (from Phoebus’ hand)’

— In the context of "Natura viva: muse and mimesis" curated by Carolina Grau

29 October 2022 — 8 January 2023

Anna Malagrida. ‘In Search of the First Gesture (from Phoebus’ hand)’

"Natura Viva: muse and mimesis" is an initiative and production of the Xarxa Transversal, curated by Carolina Grau, with the support of the Culture department of Generalitat de Catalunya and the collaboration of the Centres of Art, Museums and Culture departments of the consortium municipalities.

Anna Malagrida’s project focuses on the imprint that man has perpetuated over time in the biosphere. This trail becomes a primitive gesture present in the landscape of the volcanic area of La Garrotxa. The artist presents In Search of The First Gesture (from Phoebus’ hand), a video and photography installation inspired by the figure of Joaquim Vayreda, one of the main Catalan landscape painters of the XIX century. The single-channel video The Devil’s Stone 2022 revolves around the menhir located in the surroundings of Santa Pau, showing a magical past within the popular imagination, the imprint of this primitive gesture and its perception as an image in the present, as well as our uncertain future represented by Phoebus, the sun god in Roman mythology.

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