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Ana Esteve Reig. ‘Fancams’

14 — 24 November 2023

Ana Esteve Reig. ‘Fancams’
Ana Esteve Reig 'Fancams', 2022. Image courtesy of the artist and Luis Adelantado Valencia.

The images and videos we use to present ourselves and establish our online identities have given rise to novel ways of engaging and performing before the camera. In fact, the new generations are used to creating and posting videos on social networks to express themselves and connect with others. Fancams focuses on a very specific community of young people who meet up in the Azca area of Madrid on weekends to rehearse choreographies that will later be recorded and shared on their social networks. This unique urban environment near the Nuevos Ministerios metro station boasts office buildings that serve as mirrors, allowing them to watch themselves as if they were in a dance studio. They perform by copying choreographies designed to be recorded on mobile phones, due to this limitation, not only do they create new body language, they also create new communities both online and offline. This particular community is diverse and inclusive (in terms of gender, identity, ethnicity, and age), allowing them to have a safe space to express themselves and display their identities without fear of repercussions. Through their dance and outfits, they express themselves and support one another by copying choreographies from K-pop, hip hop, or reggaeton. The piece is conceived as an audiovisual depiction of the new generations, resembling a collective dance in which various protagonists gradually appear and dance in slow motion, creating the impression that time is slowing down.


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