An homage to Carles Hac Mor

— As part of the exhibition "Tot muda de color en bellugar-se la lletra"

Tuesday 31 May 2016, 7 pm

Pere Noguera i Carles Hac Mor, "Fer suc al laberint de Pere Noguera. Lligams insospitats." (2009), 23 min 34 sec

Ester Xargay and Adolf Alcañiz present the curatorial proposal "Tot muda de colors en bellugar-se la lletra" and remember the late writer Catalan Carles Hac Mor.

Ester Xargay and Adolf Alcañiz present a video poetry programme, as an homage to the writer Carles Hac Mor—posthumously recognized with the award XVI Jaume Fuster—featuring a series of works that resulted from their close collaboration with the author.

After the presentation of the programme, a conversation between Ester Xargay, Adolf Alcañiz, Pere Noguera and Miquel Àngel Marín will take place around the poet Carles Hac Mor and video poetry as a genre.