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18 — 27 May 2017


LOOP Barcelona and ArtNexus collaborate for the first time to present Amapola (“Poppy”), a previously unpublished video by Mexican artist Teresa Serrano.

This exhibition combines the objectives and actions that characterize both projects: the promotion of artistic work and collection through its production, exhibition and dissemination. On this occasion, the selected work reflects the importance given in the Festival and the LOOP Fair, as well as the in pages of the Artnexus magazine, to art’s capacity to generate critical thinking. In this context, Teresa Serrano’s video is a metaphor of social urgency, that of her country, in the beautiful and fragile image that captures the sequence.

In the last years, Artnexus has undertaken an initiative to produce works by a great many international artists. The initiative has sought to support the growth of collecting and the development of the creators selected. As a result of its collaboration with LOOP, they are presenting a work of video art in their selection for the first time.

In the words of the artist herself:

“The poppy is a flower stigmatized for being that which produces heroin, which has us planted dead in the states of Guerrero, Michoacan, Sinaloa and Chihuahua in Mexico. War between drug traffickers for control over the heroin, market has resulted in over 60,000 dead in those states. You can not find the flower that grew naturally in the field and we could admire it.

That velvety red flower is being claimed by Narcos who export heroin to the United States and Europe.

I managed, after searching all the places where they sell flowers of silk or plastic, the Poppy in silk and I planted it as if it were natural in the field in Tepoztlán. The film for a few minutes, the wind rocked at times, gave the appearance of a natural flower.

My friend and musician Santiago Ojeda helped me interpret the song, and I made a video with what I had filmed. I sang the song with my voice cascaded over the years as a performance in honor of the flower. The song is the soundtrack of the video.”

Amapola, pretty little poppy

My soul will be always only yours

I love you, my beloved girl

Like the flower loves the light of day

Amapola, pretty little poppy

Don’t be so ungrateful and love me

Amapola, Amapola

How can you live so lonely

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