Aleksandra Mir. The Dream and the Promise

Friday 15 November 2019, 7:30 pm

Presented for the first time at the KOSMICA Festival in 2015, ‘The Dream and the Promise’ stems from Aleksandra Mir’s artistic exploration of the cosmic imaginary. Through a compilation of more than 500 collages that combine together religious iconography with recognisable images from space exploration, Mir analyses the relationship between religion and astronomy by imagining similarities between the two systems of thought: “If Angels and Astronauts share the same sky, isn’t it time they were introduced?”; “What if people who worship astronauts are in fact religious?” As the questions and observations are read in ‘blind Spanish’, the artist stimulates the audience to also think about the value of images, the relationship between popular cultural and scientific discoveries,  creation and the future of life on Earth. To accompany the performance, the music by pianist and composer Adrià Bravo Hernandez.