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Adriana Vila Guevara. ‘Crisialida’

— A site-specific filmic performance by Adriana Vila Guevara. Created with the collaboration of Rocío Molina, Isaki Lacuesta and El Niño de Elche

Thursday 18 November 2021, 7 pm

Adriana Vila Guevara. ‘Crisialida’

On November 18th, the spectral body of Rocío Molina, elevated by the powerful voice of El Niño de Elche, will vibrate in the space of the Sala Gaudí at La Pedrera by way of 16mm analogue images manipulated live by Vila Guevara herself. 

In the form of a filmic performance blending light and sound in a poetic way, the proposal follows the metamorphosis of an erased and damaged woman, who progressively heals and mutates. 

A raw and subtle sensory experience -immersive and intimate at once-, the performance invites the audience into an existential process of transformation.

By way of images, sound and movement bringing together diverse suggestions coming from music, design and literature, Adriana Vila Guevara, thus, presents a multidisciplinary proposal created in collaboration with three great artists such as dancer Rocío Molina, filmmaker Isaki Lacuesta and musician and composer El Niño de Elche. The site-specific setting has instead been designed by Nicolas Olmos and Marcelo de Medeiros (Nunca Studio). 

Crisialida represents the prologue of a much creative research, dedicated to the empowerment of women and the re-appropriation of identity. The project will unfold into a theatre performance, an exhibition and an editorial proposal (to be developed throughout 2022 and 2023). 

The performance talks about HER, fractured by a society that confuses her, dismantles her, forces her to respond, act up, live, while being completely subjugated by HIM, his schemes and laws. It presents the very essence of a crisis and its critical break, going back to the center: that of the cocoon, the uterus and the cave. Here is where the inner retreat occurs: is it a return, a beginning or an end? It is the morphosis that determines the birth of a body, of its extensions and wings. Still deformed and encapsulated, it is a body presented while striving for an emancipation soon to take place. 

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