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Adrián Balseca. Grabador Fantasma

12 November — 24 October 2019

Adrián Balseca. Grabador Fantasma

Adrián Balseca in Phantom Recorder questions the materiality of the world in the age of the Anthropocene. The influence of the human activity upon the Earth has become a major geological force, capable of irreversibly transforming the planetary ecosystem. Balseca acts and gets involved as an artist to generate a symbology of these challenges on the Ecuadorian Amazon territory.

Adrian Balseca´s work aims to activate strategies of representation, narration, and/or interaction in order to highlight cultural specificities of a particular place. It explores the relationship and tensions between industrial and craft practices, revealing a fascination with the historical processes, and the configuration of materials involved in the production of manufactured goods. His work often involves transforming the composition of daily objects or certain civil laws into other material forms, or legal experiences. These projects —from small interventions to large-scale ‘site-specific’ actions or video documentations— elaborate on ideas of emerging economies, nature, power, and social memory.

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