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1+1+1…: ‘Bolloisla’ by Blanca Arias

— Curated by edu rubix

10 — 22 November 2020, 5 — 8 pm

1+1+1…: ‘Bolloisla’ by Blanca Arias
Blanca Arias, 'Bolloisla', 2020. Still courtesy from the artist.

The project 'Bolloisla' by artist Blanca Arias is part of the delocalized itinerary "1+1+1...", that will unfold throughout the Gothic and El Born neighborhoods from November 10-22.

Bolloisla is a proposal for a counter urbanized queer utopia that takes the shape of a videogame. Envisioned and created by Blanca Arias, this millennial cyberfantasy generates a space for escape that raises questions around the vulnerability of bodies, the collective management of pain, the hacking of gaze commands, and around collective organization outside of cis-heteropatriarchal and colonial politics.

The gameplay invites the participant to wander around a sci-fi island and to interact with the “bolleras”(dykes): cyborgs who separate themselves from any lesbian concept tied to genitalia and who, by overthrowing binary organizations, do multiple symbiosis with other species that inhabit the same ecosystem.While in dialogue with the imagined participant, the “bolleras” present the key points and questions that this virtual non-normative space launches as an attempt to rethink the matrix of dissident affective networks during a time in which body politics are being materially and legally disabled.

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