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Michael Joaquin Grey

“So What 2012”: Mayan Calendar Edition

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Michael Joaquin Grey
“So What 2012”: Mayan Calendar Edition
Format & Technical


Exponential cycles 2-16 (acceleration to 2/16th power: 65,536x speed),
Michael Joaquin Grey, 2012

LOOP Edition
Ed. 2012
Presented in LOOP by
Galería Senda
  • Produced: Citroid
  • Created and Directed: Michael Joaquin Grey
  • Sound Design and Editing: Micah Moses
  • Programming and Engineering: Luke DuBois

“So What 2012” Mayan Calendar Edition is a computational film that is generative and not recorded in capturing this video the work is greatly compressed and in a lower resolution version.

A lunacentric cosmology – a satirical synaesthetic sculpted universe expands and contracts to image and sound. The medium is the message and moves the earth and the larger universe with sound and voices. We move past the lunar orbit and head straight into the solar axis with a jukebox of possibilities taking us each and every journey on a new path, but directly to the centre of the sun, the pixel and THE BIG BEGIN.

“So What Moon Calendar 2012” Mayan Calendar Edition.


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‘The Ball!’ inspired by Cy Pattern Grey


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