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Jeroen Jongeleen

Batterie 2 (collapsed tobruk @ Zuydcoote)

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Jeroen Jongeleen
Batterie 2 (collapsed tobruk @ Zuydcoote)
8 min 38 s
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Single Channel, HD Video, Color, No Sound.

LOOP Edition
Ed. 2023
Presented in LOOP by
Upstream Gallery
  • Courtesy: the artist and Upstream Gallery

The works from the No Man’s Land series capture Jongeleen running in endless circles through the landscapes of Northern Europe. Elevating and descending with the landscape’s engraved craters left behind by shells, dodging remnants of explosives, running above old fortifications and alongside WWI memorials – Jongeleen’s performance is engulfed by the history of the land, the same land that was host to events like the Battle of the Somme, one of the deadliest battles recorded in human history.

Jongeleen’s hours and hours of running in circles are documented by a drone. This results in silent recordings of the solitary, intimate action. A performance by the artist who is trapped, stuck in a hamsterwheel of his own making – thereby posing the question: are wars of attrition also hamsterwheels of our own making? We are fighting for our utopian ideals, yet seemingly stuck in the dystopian consequences of our own actions.”


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