Adejoke Tugbiyele

AfroOdysseyIV 100 Years Later

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Adejoke Tugbiyele
AfroOdysseyIV 100 Years Later
14 min 26 s
Format & Technical

Single channel, Sound, Colour, HD video

LOOP Edition
Ed. 2014

100 Years Later opens with scenes from the bustling city of Lagos, Nigeria. Sounds of street honking cars and buses and juxtaposed with sounds of bells from the Osun Shrine. It then cuts to a live performance within a Church – organ music, dance with traditional African brooms, acting through voice that mimics that of a British colonial officer, and body are combined, speaking to ideas about sexuality among queer people and challenging the negative environment created for that community by religious fanaticism. Theater and performance has always been an important means of story-telling within many Nigerian cultures. It is made use of in the film to speak up against injustice, generate empathy and educate others about what it means to be queer and African. The closing scenes include a procession down the aisle of the Church by two actors, as well as a performance within a confession booth.