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Trine Lise Nedeaas

FORGET ME NOT (1,2 & 3)

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Trine Lise Nedeaas
FORGET ME NOT (1,2 & 3)
11 min 07 s
Format & Technical

05.36 min, 03.10 min, 01.30 min
Flatscreen or projection on wall mounted screen. Dimensions variable.

LOOP Edition
Ed. 2007
Presented in LOOP by
Eva Hober

Three individuals perform their specialist act. A sword swallower, a strong man, and a glutton. The films comment on our desire for fame and the admiration of others and illustrate to what extremes some are willing to go to achieve this. On another level, the films comment on a desire to leave something behind, to be remembered as somebody after one is dead. Removed from the show and the circus that usually surrounds them, and from the egging audience whose admiration they seek, the performers are left in a timeless space, with only themselves and their act remaining. Their act is now an intimate and absurd one performed for the few. The look of the films references the studio portraiture of freaks in the late 19th century. Each has a symbol attached to it, a small but ever-present reminder of time running out. The subjects have been heavily worked into the matter of the medium, not to further impress us with their daring feats, but to normalize them. To make them seem inevitable.

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