Hayoun Kwon

1981, Seoul, South Korea

Artist, Participant

Hayoun Kwon was born in Seoul in 1981. After attending art school in Nantes, she got into Le Fresnoy-National Studio of contemporary arts. She practices performances and video installations, documentaries, animations. Hayoun especially explores the story of her country and the difficult and complex relationships it has been maintaining with Japan. Currently she is developing a project on the border of two Koreas: “I’m interested in the reconstruction of memory and the fictional dimension of testimony. This project is carried out with and extract of an interview with Christiane Cavalli in Carlut from the Vigilance Committee to defend the rights of foreigners. Testify to an experience when we cannot provide evidence… this story is about credibility. I wanted to give substance to this story”.

Last update 8th May, 2017.