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Zoraida Roselló Espuny

Zoraida Roselló Espuny
Zoraida Roselló Espuny

Graduated in Geology from the University of Barcelona in 2015, she decided to change her professional course in 2010 when became involved in the documentary filmmaking with self-produced pieces including “Madame Bretó” (2012), “Se Fa Saber!” (2013), “l’Alè del Drac Adormit” (2013), “Oryza Sativa” (2014) and “Animalització” (2015).

She began to participate in workshops and films at the cooperative of Mitjants Audiovisual Magic Dragon, where she continues to work. She has also collaborated with the association Anda & Fala by organizing participatory documentary workshops, with the La Bonne Women Culture Center, with the project on the gendering of toys “She Culture,” and with the loPati Art Center carrying out workshops on intervention and appropriation.

Taking advantage of her previous experience as a geologist, she performs audiovisual reports on the experiences in the field of different scientific research groups, collaborating on the “Phytoscope” (2014), “Shake” (2015) and “Event” (2017) projects.

She is currently promoting the creation of the association “Paral.leles,” which, among other things, develops pedagogical materials based on visual culture and creative workshops through collaborative methodologies from a gender perspective.

Last update: May 17th, 2017

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