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Zónula & Miguel Puertas –

Zónula & Miguel Puertas –
Zónula & Miguel Puertas –

Robert Martínez is a multidisciplinary artist who mainly works with sound experimentation. He has extensive history as a member of different musical projects. His current personal project is Zónula, a sound and visual work that combines images and sound through improvisation. He is the founder of the Mutan Monkey Instruments project, which he created in 2015, and he is in charge of the Sonora Mutan Lab association, an experimental sound research laboratory focused on the use and development of electric and electro-acoustic sound devices. He has expanded his experience in sonology by teaching workshops and classes in primary schools, universities, museums, and artistic cultural spaces. He has been an invited artist in various Festivals including Sónar Barcelona, Sónar Hong Kong, Ensems Music Festival, LEM or Festival für Selbstgebaute (Berlin).

Miguel Puertas is an audio-visual artist who has been working with film media since 2006. He has collaborated with and explored the alchemy of film in film laboratories directed by artists in Belgium and Spain. He is the co-founder of Noctiluca Film, OniroKino and Gui ColleC, collectives that focus on expanded film works that research the relationship between light and sound, striving to lead cinematographic experiences beyond their formal limits. He has taught workshops and conferences on expanded film and experimentation techniques on silver print format. His works have been displayed in collective and solo exhibitions in several countries, and he has acted in film theatres, art galleries and festivals including Oberhausen Film Festival, VideoEx, Mieff and Punto ​de Vista.

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