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Tobias Arndt

Tobias Arndt
Tobias Arndt

Tobias Arndt started his career in e-commerce both in consulting and publishing (publications e.g. Electronic Marketplaces, Galileo Press, 2000) he moved on to managing a European health federation in the area of rare diseases. With regards to publishing, he currently works on various projects on patient and consumer safety. Arndt collects young contemporary art systematically since 2004. Conceptual photography constitutes one aspect of the collection with works from artists such as Sven Johne and Adrian Sauer, more recent acquisitions are from Viktoria Binschtok Tobias and Lawrence Abu Hamdan. A further focus rests on North American artists such as Matt Saunders and Dasha Shishkin. In recent years Tobias interest moved onto Latin American art (e.g. Tatiana Blass, Carlos Motta, Rita Ponce de Leon, and Edgardo Aragon) and on Video Art with works from artists such as Julia Scher, Dias and Riedweg, Guilherme Peters, Paul Sétubal, Sayre Gomez or Adrian Balseca.


Last update: November 11th, 2019

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