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Sol Prado

Sol Prado
Sol Prado

Sol Prado. (Buenos Aires, 1985) Artist, textile designer, independent researcher and performer.
Currently living and making an art in residency at Hangar (Barcelona), participed in the art residency program Capacete – Documenta 14 (2017), Athens – Kassel. Studied at the Independent Program Studies (MACBA), directed by Paul B. Preciado. Her works of art and collective research have focused on create fictions (writing, performance, installations, workshops) through the use of ironic and parody procedures to dismantle, by intensification method, the perverse structure of the neoliberal paradigm.
Her artwork was shown in Circuits & Currents (Athens, 2017), MACBA (Barcelona, 2016), Lugar a dudas (Cali, 2016), EAC (Montevideo, 2016), Tepetongo (México DF, 2015), Galería Ángels (Barcelona, 2015), Espai Colona (Barcelona, 2014), Palais de Glace (Buenos Aires, 2011), etc.

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