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Rory Pilgrim

1988, Bristol

Rory Pilgrim
Rory Pilgrim

Centred on emancipatory concerns, Pilgrim’s work aims to challenge the very nature of how we come together, speak, listen and strive for social change through sharing and voicing personal experience. Strongly influenced by the origins of activist, feminist and socially engaged art, Pilgrim works collaboratively with others through different methods of dialogue, collaboration and workshops. Creating connections between activism, spirituality, music, technology and community, Pilgrim works in a wide range of media including sound, song writing, film, music video, drawing and live performance. Recent solo exhibitions include: ‘The Resounding Bell’, South London Gallery, London, (2018), ‘Sacred Repositories Trilogy’, Plymouth Arts Centre Cinema, UK (2017), ‘Software Garden’, Rowing, London (2016) and ‘Open Sky’, Flat Time House, London (2016).

Last update: October 8th, 2019

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