Núria Aidelman Feldman

Núria Aidelman Feldman
Núria Aidelman Feldman

Co-Founder of A Bao A Qu, program manager. Carries out the programming of A Bao A QU including: “Cine en curso” (iniciated in Catalunya, now also developed in Galicia, Madrid, Argentina and Chile), “Creadores en residencia en los institutos de Barcelona” (since 2009), “Fotografia en curso” (since 2012), “Moving Cinema” (since 2014) and “CinEd” (since 2015). Together with Laia Colell Aparicio, Núria is co-author of various articles and conferences about the pedagogy of cinema. She is professor of Audiovisual Communication at the Universitat Pomeu Fabra and member of the CINEMA collective. Together with Gonzalo de Lucas she edited Jean-Luc Godard, Documents; Erice Kiarostami. Correspondencias and has been programmer of the Xcèntric y Gandules Program (2003 – 2011).

May 25th, 2016