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Miriam Cacho

Miriam Cacho
Miriam Cacho

Miriam Cacho has 10 years of creative experience in a fast-paced creative environment.
After a decade of advertising experience and several years as Branded Content Manager of PlayGroundCommunications, to end up in the Content world was unexpected.
Her deep understanding of digital media allows her to best position out- of-the-box narratives. Also, as a creative strategist, she brings strong storytelling skills to a multi-platform world. But, on top of that, what she likes above all is to help foster a witty take on projects, both off- and online. That’s why she’s currently working as a Creative Director in Domestic Data Streamers.
Miriam’s main areas of knowledge are: content strategy, native advertising, hacking narratives, and not underestimating the power of a meme.
During this time she has had the pleasure to work with brands like Airbnb, San Miguel, HBO International, Netflix ESP and Jägermeister, and to develop, as creative director and script writer, a content series project alongside Carlo Padial and PlayGround Fire called Debería Callarme.

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