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Merlina Rañi

1987, São Paulo

Merlina Rañi
Merlina Rañi
Curator, Participant

Merlina Rañi is an independent curator trained in praxis and self-taught studies that combine the fields of aesthetics, art theory, philosophy and scientific dissemination. Her latest productions focus on the implications of technological abstraction in the political and affective aspect of society; around axes such as virtuality, language, complexity and Machine Learning. In 2014, she was selected by the Young Curators program of Fundación PROA. She participated as co-curator in the electronic art festival +CODE (2016-2018) and is currently associate curator at Espacio Pla (from 2015 to present). Her texts were published in Artishock (Chile), SuperRare (USA), and in the books Artificially Intelligent (V&A, UK), and 10 años de Espacio Contemporáneo (PROA, Argentina).

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