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Maria Cañas

1972, Sevilla, Spain

Maria Cañas
Maria Cañas

María Cañas aka The Archivist of Seville, audiovisual cannibal collector mitómana, peliculera, cibergarrula, buñuelesca, zensualista, media … wild, his works invite us to reflect on the strange mixture of amusement and stark, dingy and sensual imagery that surrounds us, operating in the iconographic cannibalism.

She is director of Animalario TV Productions, a platform for artistic experimentation in various fields: video creations, installations, digital imaging, online television, Internet projects, yoguitech, workshops and cultural management. well as a container dedicated to the culture of recycling, personal growth and cultivation of inner fire.

Reeds directs his gaze to provocative situations and lives on the edge: the National Party, the universe of the Iberian pig, flamenco, ancient culture of olive oil, television, reality show, pornography, relationships, consumerist obsession Western tourist, Western spiritual supermarket, sects, fascism, pop kings and gurus … practices a “videomaquia” (CINEFAGIA militant) inserted in the topics and genres to dinamitarlos. His videodelirios are delusional visual stream in which iconoclasm hand and pornography, and bestiality CINEFAGIA, sensuality and zen occur.
Photomontages and Rod videocollages can entroncarse in the tradition of snipers who questioned the foundations of art and cinema classics, through experimental film, collage and found footage, breaking the rules and trying to explore the hidden truth images.

Their approach is based on a sensitivity curd punk philosophy of “do it yourself” in Buñuelismo and minimalist aesthetics and ethics (less money is more creativity) wonderful movies of Serie B. The artist creates his works practicing appropriation and double bond (communicative situations in which we received different or contradictory messages) paying a path for reflection and meta-artistic senses promiscuity

Extract from artist’s statement

Last upload 12th May 2017

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Maria Cañas
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