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Lluís Roqué Comas

Lluís Roqué Comas
Lluís Roqué Comas

Lluís Roqué Comas, Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona, is a conservator-restorer at the Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona. He specializes in the conservation and restoration of media art and photography and is in charge of the preservation of audiovisual, photographic and digital collections. He coordinates with the rest of the department the management of documentation related to conservation and restoration in the museum’s database system and participates in the transversal project of digitization of the audiovisual collections of the MACBA Collection – MACBA Digital Repository since its creation. He carries out conservation-restoration, supervision and assembly of works from the MACBA Collection and temporary exhibitions.

He is also an associate professor of the Degree in Conservation and Restoration at the University of Barcelona where he teaches the subject of Infography and Software for Conservation-Restauration.

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