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Lis Costa Giménez

1959, Barcelona

Lis Costa Giménez
Lis Costa Giménez

Professor of the Department of Catalan Philology at the University of Barcelona. She teaches the Degree in Audiovisual Communication, which has been Director of Studies (2007-2011), in subjects such as “Intertextuality and Audiovisual”, “Literature and Cinema”, “verbal and nonverbal languages ​​in Audiovisual Communication”, ” speaking and Writing “and” Audiovisual Projects. ”
Since 1991 routinely VIDEO TEAM Josep M. Jordana, who organizes since 2000 cycle / FLUX video festival of author Barcelona, since 2014, the performing arts festival visual influence.

Since 2012 she has directed the online videographic archive SUMMA. Participation in film projects by production tasks, production assistant, camera operator and management.

Her main research is experimental poetry. Program activities, teaches and publishes articles and audiovisual material on the subject. She is a researcher of the research group POCIÓ poetry and education of the UB, which is dedicated to bringing poetry to education, especially contemporary poetry in all its aspects. She has performed, among other things, the book Learning with Joan Brossa and websites The hard-and-salts Rubbish and enjoy the poetry and experimental poetry Catalan (1959-2004).

Last update: May 22th, 2017

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