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Laura Ramírez Ashbaugh

1988, Madrid

Laura  Ramírez Ashbaugh
Laura Ramírez Ashbaugh

Laura Ramírez is interested in the notions of landscape, ambiguous bodies, intermediate spaces and the mix of feeling and the beat, and her practice is focused on reflecting on and exploring dance and choreography. She actively works with Ainhoa Hernández, with whom she created the Twins Experiment collective in 2014, and she is currently beginning her project as a DJ. Moreover, she has collaborated in artworks by María Jerez, Cris Blanco, Play Dramaturgia or Quim Bigas. With regards to her work as a creator and performer, which mainly takes place between Madrid, Barcelona and France, she gives workshops, movement classes and provides support as a tutor, following up on a number of artists and collectives. She has created study spaces such as MovLab at La Casa Encendida, or reading spaces such as EL CLUB at the Teatros del Canal. She is working on the creation of a sport to disappear alongside Andrea Zavala and on musical and textual projects. As a mediator, she actively collaborates with the department of education of the Reina Sofía museum. She has displayed her latest creations and collaborations in France, Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay, the US and Spain.

Last update 29 September 2021

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