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Juliana Velandia Gómez

1989, Bogotá

Juliana Velandia Gómez
Juliana Velandia Gómez

Juliana was born in Bogotá, Colombia in 1989. While studying for her bachelors in Psychology at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana she became interested in the Freudian theory of personality and psychoanalysis. After her studies, she worked as a therapist where she used art therapy with her patients under the supervision of Luis Fernando Orduz, the president of the Latin American Psychoanalytic Federation. Wanting to explore more of the world, Juliana moved to the Netherlands in 2015 where she completed her premaster in organization studies at Tilburg University. Once finishing her premaster, she moved to Maastricht to continue her education by getting her Masters in Work and Organizational Psychology. As well as psychology, she also has a passion for the arts, which is the reason for joining Video Power, a Dutch non-profit organization, which focuses on the video art market.

Last update: May 23th, 2017

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