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Jemima Burrill


Jemima Burrill
Jemima Burrill

When the gap between comfrot and discomfort begins to close, the subject squeezes into the place between. Through a variety of media, including film and performance, Burrill’s work aims to reveal

predisposed boundaries of the domestic space, elevating the mundane into the significant. Here is the articulation of physical confines and imaginative openings reveling in both joy and debasement.

With a self-reflective intention, Jemima Burrill describe her constant preoccupation with inappropriate behaviour, sometimes humourous, sometimes disturbing; always trying to push the boundaries of her environments using a solitary protagonist.

“Jemima Burrill’s work attends to notions of positioning within what are often clearly defined public or private spaces. These places are miniature theatres, stage-sets for activities which may at first sight appear mundane but soon turn out to be somewhat at odds with conventional behaviourial mores.” Peter Suchin

In Flux her latest solo exhibition in Paris which was a multi disciplinary show with photography, etchings, film and drawings, what connects this visually disparate work is a meticulous study of human relationships. The work describes how we live and deal with the flux in our lives

As in all her work the notion of being contained by circumstance and what results, becomes expressed in uncomfortable and often humourous forms.

Her work has been shown internationally including in New York, LA, Barcelona, Lyon – Museum de L’Arte Contemporian, and the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, Australia.

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