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Itzíar Sen Lopéz


Itzíar  Sen Lopéz
Itzíar Sen Lopéz

Itzíar Sen López was born in Barcelona, she graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona and in Architecture from the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura, and her interest is focused on the exploration of parallel grounds between different creative disciplines. She combines her practice of sustainable architecture with painting. She collaborates with different publishing houses and periodicals in the fields of architecture and healthcare, and she has worked on the organisation and dissemination of the first and second congresses of Bioarchitecture and Health held by the Catalan Architects’ Professional Association. At the Círculo Artístico de Sant Lluc she has focused her activity on cultural management, linking the entity’s activities with the city’s cultural fabric and helping bring the contents of large museums closer to the public through artistic practice activities, organising conference cycles and masterclasses with artists within the framework of the Santlluc és Dibuix project.

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