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Helena Almeida

1934, Lisbon

Helena Almeida
Helena Almeida


Helena Almeida has completed Painting degree at the Escola Superior de BelasArtes in Lisbon.

Over the last forty years Almeida has combined painting, photographic imagery, performance, video and drawing to explore intimacy, sensation and the limits of the body.

Helena Almeida is an unavoidable artist in the international contemporary art scene. Almeida’s practice spans photography, performance and drawing and has evolved out of an abiding interrogation of the language of painting. Although the artist is always in front of the camera, she insists that her images are not self-portraits. Dressed in black since the early 1970’s, sometimes with objects or furniture found in her studio, she assumes positions that she has painstakingly choreographed in order to create complex visual that are as much about space and line as the relationship between the artist and the image.

Recent major exhibitions in the UK (Kettley’s Yard and John Hansard Gallery) Madrid (Telefonica Foundation and Helga de Alvear Gallery). New York and Sydney have brought greater international recognition of Almeida’s significance, whose work is also held in many significant collections world-wide.

The artist has also represented Portugal twice at the Venice Biennial, in 1982 and 2005.

This video follows a series of photographic works developed by the author. Archive of Helena Almeida’s path, this timeless autobiographic video piece celebrates the love and effort always applied to her work since the beginning of her iconic career. The close-uo fixed scene and the raw sounds of the body into the space are infinitiely united and describe the truth of the striking, sacrificed poses of her body in a confined space, and the relations of the contemporary world.


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