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Elizabeth Markovitch

Elizabeth Markovitch
Elizabeth Markovitch

Art professional and the Founder of ikono, an international platform of visual arts broadcasting. She started her career in the early eighties and has since served numerous roles in the international art establishment, including head of the Art Fund, Artemis; head and founder of the art advisory department of J. Henry Schröder Bank; and Senior Manager of the painting department at Sotheby’s. Her passion for exploring new ways to make art accessible to a wider audience resulted in the first online, which she co-founded in 1998. Now, ikono realizes Markevitch’s vision through carefully curated playlists and global art broadcasting. In addition to its worldwide reach—which includes SmartTV programming with access to over 200 million households; a 24/7 online stream for all online and mobile devices; and over 100,000 Amazon downloads in only five months—what sets ikonoTV apart is the way it reframes the way art is experienced.

May 5th, 2015


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