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Dorian Sari

Dorian  Sari
Dorian Sari
Artist, Moderator

Dorian Sari born in 1989, in Izmir, Turkey, based in Basel, Switzerland. Studied Political Science and Languages, Greek literature at Paris Sorbonne University, Visual Art at HEAD Geneva, and Visual Art Institut Kunst Basel. Dorian Sari is an observer of public reactions to contemporary politics and social movements. The main core of his work is looking into hu-man beings, cultures and projecting them with personal and collective mythology into completely fictional,theatrical scenes, based on an-thropological and psychoanalytical interpretation of humans and their symbols. He creates a certain perspective for a certain period in his narrations. Mostly in the form of sculpture, video, and performance. Making sublimation of his observations into materials involves ceremo-nial rituals in the production process. Sometimes it is just quiet sewing, some- times he takes the role of the fool of the king and says things that people generally do not dear to say. His goal is requestioning cultural norms and hierarchies in his speech. Sculptures tell a story with the language of collective symbols while other mediums are directly pointing to the current obvious, with a little bit of humor. The parallel of this communication between the individual consciousness and the collective subconsciousness is combining rational scientificresearches with metaphysical methods. Requestioning current affairs and taking a measure with his multidisciplinary background and his position as an artist are the main points of his work.

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