Daniela Arriado

Daniela Arriado
Daniela Arriado
Curator, Moderator, Participant

Daniela Arriado (Norway/Chile) is the Artistic Director and founder of Screen City Biennial (SCB), and the Director of Art Republic platform for digital art and public space in Norway. The platform develops research, curates, and commissions moving image work. with a strong focus on video art, sound and Virtual Reality. Arriado`s practice explores new curatorial approaches towards expanded borders of cinematic experiences and the audio-visual. Between 2011-2015 her projects concerned urban screens and online streaming platforms for video art and animation, aiming to pave new waves for the distribution and dissemination of the moving image to the public. Arriado is currently an advisor for art organizations, galleries, and collections. She is an ambassador of PNEK – Production Network for Electronic Arts, Norway, and a member of The Norwegian Association of Curators, and IKT, International Association of Curators of Contemporary Art. Based in Berlin since 2012.


Last update: November 11th, 2019