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Comitè Queer

Comitè  Queer
Comitè Queer

October 2021. QUEER COMMITEE has just been born. The times need it. The circumstances make it necessary, essential. The pandemic has diminished the meeting spaces of the LGTBIQ + community. The nightlife scene, fundamental to understand the progress in civil rights, has disappeared. The meetings are controlled, reduced. Meanwhile, the dangerousness in public space has increased worriedly.

QUEER COMMITEE is an activist meeting iniciative for the LGTBIQ + community. Open to sympathizers and impulsed by the Barcelona artistic scene. Its objective is to promote meetings, dialogue, and political activism. A discussion space, a laboratory of ideas to develop proposals and promote new genealogies.

QUEER COMMITEE premieres for the LOOP Festival 2021 with an urban assembly proposal, in which the public space is claimed as a political place, a space, occupied temporarily, for the reflection, the exchange of ideas and the debate of the LGTBIQ+ collective enterprise.

Last update 1st October 2021

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