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Citlali Hernández

1986, Mexico City

Citlali  Hernández
Citlali Hernández

Citlali Hernández holds a Master in Digital Arts from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra; she participates in the Fab Academy programme in Barcelona, and is currently a teacher in university and Ph.D. student at the BAU University Design School on the subject of “Body, technology and performativity: The body in new media art practices.” Her practice is focused on exploring the social and technological codes that are part of the ways in which the body is inhabited in the context of the electronic and digital arts. From a trans-disciplinary point of view, Citaly seeks to experience the material aspects of performance and its entanglements with cables, pixels and circuits in order to conceive the body as a field of potentialities. She is currently a teacher at the university level, she actively participates in Matics Barcelona (a digital arts association) and she is a resident artist alongside Núria Nia at, with the Cuerpo Satelital, with support from the sixth art research scholarship from Fundación Banco Sabadell – Hangar at Hangar.

Last update 5th November 2021

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