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Che-Yu Hsu


Che-Yu  Hsu
Che-Yu Hsu

Che-Yu Hsu is an artist based in Taipei and Ghent, Belgium. He studied his Master’s Degree at the Graduate Institute of Plastic Arts, Taiwan National University of the Arts. In 2020 he was a part of the post-academic research program HISK (Higher Institute for Fine Arts) Ghent.

Hsu creates animations, videos and installations that feature the relations between media and memories. He is interested not only in the history of events traceable through media but also the construction and visualisation of memories, be they private or collective.

Recently, he has participated in international biennials and festivals such as the Experimental Film And Video Festival (Sonje Art Center, Seoul, 2017), the Asian Art Biennial (National Taiwan Museum, 2017), the Osmosis Audiovisual Media Festival (Moscow, 2018), the Bangkok Biennial (2018), the Shanghai Biennale (2018, 2012), the New York Film Festival (2020), and the International Film Festival Rotterdam (2018, 2020, 2023).

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