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Charlotte Ginsborg

Charlotte  Ginsborg
Charlotte Ginsborg

Charlotte Ginsborg is an independent filmmaker whose films interweave documentary and fiction to explore people’s psychological relationship to their work and social environments. Working with composers, choreographers and spoken-word poets, she collaborates with documentary subjects to develop performances that are woven into the fabric of the films. Her work has been screened and exhibited in galleries and festivals nationally and internationally, including the Venice Biennale, the Serpentine Gallery, the Pompidou Centre, and the Walker Arts Centre, USA. Her film, Over The Bones, was in competition in the Tiger Shorts at Rotterdam Film Festival, and her lastest film, 22:22, commissioned by Film London, premiered at the London Film Festival 2017. Her films have been commissioned by Channel 4, the UNHRC, Arts Council England and Poetry in the City. Recently she has been working with the Trojan Women Project following the experinces of Syrian refugees to the UK, and also for Breakthrough Media filming with families whose children have turned to extremism.

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