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Carlos Jiménez

Carlos Jiménez
Carlos Jiménez

Carlos Jiménez is an independent filmmaker and photographer based in London. Jimenez graduated in photography at the Royal College of Arts in London and he studied Fine Arts between Universidad Complutense in Madrid, Camberwell School of Arts in London and the University of the Arts in Kyoto, Japan.

Recently Carlos has been commissioned a new film for the exhibition ”Fashioned from Nature” which will be shown at that museum until January 2019 in London. Jimenez also have directed commissions for the British Council on Phyllida Barlow´s exhibition at the 57th Venice Biennale for the British Pavillion, a series of films about David Shrigley’s touring exhibition “Lose your mind”as well as the Swiss Pavillion ”Women of Venice” exhibition for the 57th Venice Biennale.
Jimenez´s primarily lens base practice focuses on the analysis of what an image represents and what it is telling us about our position as viewers. Working across fiction and documentary, building narratives through the construction of highly staged photographs of actors and/or real scenarios populated by non-actors. The representation of the real and its further reconstruction are key elements of his field of enquiry. These fictional images sit alongside documentary work to produce narratives where the line between realism, fiction and the theatre of life is blurred, questioning his white male western perception of the "other" and himself. In researching power, control, gender and their performativity Jimenez has structured a body of work that plays upon the artifice of the traditional models of hierarchy, the white male position and its translation into imaginary.
Concepts such as otherness, nature, ecology, dualities, exoticism and sexuality are recurrent themes in his work.

Group shows include Victoria and Albert Museum (London, 2019), Royal College of Arts (London, 2018), NOW Gallery (London, 2016), Offprint Tate Modern (London, 2015), KCUA Gallery (Kyoto, 2014), Gallery f5,6 (Germany, 2014), RCA Secret (London, 2014), FilmLab Film Festival (Italy, 2013), London Fashion Week (London,2013), LOOP Video Art Festival (Barcelona,2012), In-Sonora (Madrid,2012), Battersea Arts Center (London,2012), National Library (Madrid, 2008), amongst other. Jimenez has been awarded the Labyrinth Award for his show at the Royal College Show 2015. Residencies and Awards include the RCA Kyoto University exchange grant (Japan) 2014, Cité Internationale des Arts Residency (Paris) 2014, St. Giulia FilmLab Award 2013 and Nordic Culture Point Award 2008.

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