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Camila Flores-Fernández

1996, Lima

Camila Flores-Fernández
Camila Flores-Fernández

Camila Flores-Fernández is a researcher and visual anthropologist. She has a bachelor’s degree in Literature (PUCP, Peru) and a master’s in Cultural Anthropology and Development Studies (KU Leuven, Belgium), which she obtained through the VLIR-UOS scholarship. She has worked as a researcher and curatorial assistant in Peru and Belgium. Camila has participated in over 15 academic events with grants from institutions such as LASA and AsAECA. Her visual works have been showcased in galleries and international festivals, earning accolades along the way. Her most recent achievement includes winning the film contest of the 2023 Copenhagen Architecture Festival. She is currently a recipient of the Erasmus+ scholarship for the MA in Media Arts Cultures and is working on a new documentary that emerged as the winner of the A-PLACE fund from the LOOP Festival in Spain.


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