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Cabello/ Carceller have developed an interdisciplinary work that uses different media -installation, performance, video, writing, drawing- to examine the hegemonic means of representation in visual practices, suggesting critical alternatives to them. From a conceptual, politically engaged approach, they use strategies as appropriation or performance and fiction to question the modernist narratives that avoid minority politics while recurrently quoting them.

Searching to unveil these contradictions, they invite mainly amateur but sometimes also professional collaborators who are to be confronted with unfamiliar, queer situations or texts. Isolated and out of context, these protagonists experience an imbalance created among them, the narration, and the narrative structures on which they rely, frequently contributing to activate or expand their established meaning. As a collaborative work, these projects underline the importance of building or rewriting collective poetics from divergent positions, recalling the need to study intersticial and alternative experiences, revising sexual and gender politics.

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