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Biljana Đurđević

1973, Belgrad

Biljana Đurđević
Biljana Đurđević

Biljana Đurđević’s artistic practice, spanning two and a half decades, continuously evolves around researching the conceptual potentials of the medium of classical painting, while in recent years, her creative interests have expanded to include work in the domain of stop-motion animation. The authentic visual poetics is the result of her dedicated study of classical paintings and the works of great masters, but also socio-historical and cultural circumstances from early renaissance and baroque to the modern period and vanguard movements. This has enabled the artist to tap into a treasure trove of visual, narrative, conceptual sources and references, which she shapes into symbolic representations-statements, mutually thematically and problematically related primarily in that they focus on the complexity of human nature, or rather, the character of psychological relationships we establish, individually or collectively, with different social-value models and systems in the world around us.

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