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Bianca Kennedy

Bianca Kennedy
Bianca Kennedy

Bianca Kennedy studied art at Athens School of Fine Art and the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich and completed her diploma with a Meisterschüler-degree (2017). Scholarships have brought her to North America, Barcelona, Athens and Tokyo. Kennedy’s animations, VR experiences and site-specific installations were shown at CCBB Rio de Janeiro, MACBA Barcelona, Literaturhaus Berlin and Colombo Art Biennale in Sri Lanka among others. In her analytical animations she depicts the human abyss and works regularly on mixed reality works and drawing series where she stages self-created miniatures. Fascinated by body horror, she depicts physicality in a tongue-in-cheek way and always looks beneath the surface. Her interest in the staging of the bathtub represents the climax of this confrontation to date; in the 3-channel installation and her drawing series (We’re all in this together, 2018) she gathers all human emotions and even brings the viewer into the bathtub (VR all in this together, 2018). In collaboration with The Swan Collective, they create video and virtual reality works that deal with the future of evolution. Their utopian scenarios propose the fusion of humans, animals and plants (HYBRID, 2016) or a solution to world hunger by eating insects, who in turn are not enthusiastic about this idea (ANIMALIA SUM, 2019).

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