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Adrian Schindler

Adrian   Schindler
Adrian Schindler

Adrian Schindler is a visual artist. His practice deals with the link between traumatic historical events, cultural production and ideology through the prism of biographical or marginal narratives. Blending documentary research and encounters, he focuses his attention on public space, institutions and the private sphere and examines how modes of representation participate in the construction of national narratives and how they affect our relation to alterity. Often collaborative, his methodology explores formal and performative modes of interpretation of documents from the past in order to make palpable their social and political echoes in the present. His work has been presented at FRAC Champagne-Ardenne (Reims), Ludwig Forum (Aachen), La Grande Halle de La Villette (Paris), Centre d’art Le lait (Albi), La Capella, (Barcelona), Mahal Art Space (Tangier), One Gee In Fog (Geneva), El Born CCM (Barcelona), Arxiu Nacional de Catalunya (Sant Cugat) and La Comédie (Reims), among others. Residencies include Château Nour (Brussels), Casa de Velázquez (Madrid), Superdeals (Brussels), Le Centquatre (Paris) and ZK/U (Berlin). He is currently member of the Académie de France de Madrid 2020-21. Since 2013, he regularly collaborates with the artist Eulàlia Rovira.

Last update: 19th November, 2020

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