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Collaboration project LOOP Barcelona x e i n a i d e a

Collaboration project LOOP Barcelona x e i n a i d e a

LOOP Barcelona will work in collaboration with the think tank e i n a i d e a, with the aim of generating the visual identity of its 21st edition.

Known internationally for its dedication to the study and promotion of video art, LOOP Barcelona is launching a process of reflection on the recent history of filmic ecosystems and their artistic and technological mediations.

In collaboration with one of the city’s most disruptive cultural agents, e i n a i d e a, the LOOP Barcelona x e i n a i d e a collaboration will kick off on 17 July with a workshop of exploration and archival immersion – visual, sound, iconographic and technical – which will set in motion a speculative process of generating images and graphic elements by a transdisciplinary co-creation team made up of designers and researchers. This process will shape the graphic identity of LOOP Barcelona in its 2023 edition.

The project thus aims to resituate the narrative and dissemination materials of an event that has witnessed, since its founding in 2003, the social, digital and ecological metamorphoses of audiovisual artistic languages.

LOOP Barcelona has confirmed year after year to be an international meeting point of reference for video art that unfolds in Barcelona in the month of November with a three-day Fair at the Hotel L’Almanac (LOOP Fair), a Festival in partnership with the Hotel L’Almanac (LOOP Fair), a Festival in collaboration with organisations across the city (LOOP Festival) and professional meetings and public programmes (LOOP Studies).

The new visual elements of the festival, as well as its full programme, will be presented from 15 September.


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