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Call for curators: Curatorial Residency LOOP Barcelona & Matadero Madrid

Call for curators: Curatorial Residency LOOP Barcelona & Matadero Madrid
Anyplace/Qualsevol Lloc (2022) Noha Mokhtar, Júlia Nueno and Xavier Nueno. Centre d’Arts Santa Mònica. Curated by Gema Darbo, Curatorial Residency 2021. Image: Claudia Mauriño

LOOP associates with Matadero Madrid Centre for Artists in Residence, the Centre d'Arts Santa Mònica and Fabra i Coats - Fàbrica de creació de Barcelona in order to present the open call for a curatorial residency between Barcelona and Madrid.

  • Promote the professional development of art curators.
  • Provide curators who are interested in the local context with institutional support and spatial and economic resources to facilitate their research.
  • Establish a context of backing and training so that the purpose of the residency sees the light of day in the best possible conditions.
  • Establish connections between the various players in the city’s art scene, the institution and the public.
  • Visibilization and internationalization of the selected curator’s work through the presentation of the research developed during the residency, materialized in a collaboration in Video Tuesdays programme of the Centre d’Arts Santa Mònica in the first quarter of 2024, as well as in public activities aimed at this purpose both at the Matadero Madrid Art Residency Center and within the framework of LOOP.




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