Radouan Zeghidour

Voyage au Bout de la Nuit

Yamamoto Keiko Rocheix, London

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Radouan Zeghidour
Voyage au Bout de la Nuit
14 min 14 s
Format & Technical

Single channel video

A man with balaclava mask sits at a long table in a mysterious, candlelit derelict space incessantly and obsessively draws and writes a phrase ‘du bout’ or ’the end' endlessly.

When the time comes, he goes out in the deserted nocturnal Paris, walks like a haunting spectre under the Notre Dame, by the Seine River, along the trails of the Metro. And with an industrial-sized high-pressure spray tank and long spray gun, the masked man writes on the station walls and advertising displays, over and over again, ‘du bout du bout du bout’ – the end, the end, the end. He scars the city in tall, spray-painted letters ‘du bout du bout du bout’. The journey to the end of the night takes the audience through the empty Parisian cityscape as we follow the man, arriving at an underground sewage way and finally at a bright, almost whiteout gate at the end of the waterway.