Maija Tammi and Aapo Huhta

Valkoinen Pupu

Jarvis Dooney, Berlin

Still images from video Valkoinen Pupu by Maija Tammi and Aapo Huhta.

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Maija Tammi and Aapo Huhta
Valkoinen Pupu
11 min 10 s
Format & Technical

HD 1080p, color, sound

  • Music: Charles Quevillon

The which side of the glass are we on? Are you looking or being looked at?

Valkoinen pupu (White Bunny) is Maija Tammi’s and Aapo Huhta’s collaborative video work raising questions about the human subject position. The work shows bodies, both human and animal, moving or being moved inside or with different machines. A slumbering visual rhythm, accompanied by an apprehensive musical component fading in and out, creates a space that seduces a viewer towards desolate contemplation about our own position in the existence.