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Andrea Galvani

The end (Action #5)

The RYDER Projects, London

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Andrea Galvani
The end (Action #5)
4 min 36 s
Format & Technical

Video in loop
16mm transferred to HD
Concrete structure with gold Apple Macbook
Edition of 5

Developed over two years of research conducted in the United States and Mexico, The End is an international trilogy, a series of complex, cross-disciplinary works including photography, drawings, sculpture, installation, video, audio, and performance. The End (Action #5) documents a never-ending sunset, a segment of infinity.
Filmed from a military aircraft flying at supersonic speeds opposite the earth’s rotation, the video suspends the descending sun over an oceanic horizon. Time is frozen at the cusp of separation between day and night, forced perception of a ceaseless, distorted moment. Accelerated space produces violent vibrations, destabilizing the boundary of sea and sky. The video describes the tension of in-between states.
Our experience of reality is disarticulated, we are at the precipice of the end. The End (Action #5) monumentalizes trace existence in constant flux. A metaphorical memorial of life, death, and the transcendent beyond, The End (Action #5) presents Being as a disequilibrium, a constellation of states in perpetual transformation.


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