Olga Chernysheva

Steamboat Dionysius

Galerie Iragui, Moscow

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Olga Chernysheva
Steamboat Dionysius
27 min 26 s
Format & Technical

Edition of 1/5 + 2 AP

A couple, Igor and Tatiana, take a boat ride on the Vologda river on the “Dionysus” boat. In the summer, the boat goes up the river to the monastery and back every night. There are quite a lot of people on the boat.
The boat sets sail, and the entertainment program begins. There is a guy who is sort of an entertainer and sings as well. There is also skydance ballet. First, they sing a Romani song. There are two dancers in long skirts. A White Eagle band song “Oh, Delightful Russian Nights», adored by Tatiana, is put on. The entertainer continues to sing, and some people start dancing. Then there is a song about the city, Vologda. Igor and Tatiana are smoking and looking at the riverbank. People stand or sit there, some come in their cars, a few are fishing and others are drinking. They wave to the people on the boat and the passengers wave back. Igor and Tatiana get up, they dance near their table. While they are dancing, a woman drops her purse into the water, so the boat stops and goes back to that spot. The purse is picked up with a hook. And the boat continues its journey. Igor and Tatiana sit down at their table, drink shots and juices, eat sandwiches and then start to dance to a slow song.
After they finish the bottle, they start to wave to someone on the riverbank again, and people wave them back. Then Igor gets up and Tatiana asks him: “Where are you going?” but he just smiles and tells her: “Wait here. I will be in a minute”. The Skydance ballet appears again, a guy and a girl this time. The girl wears a black bra and a black cloak and the guy wears a black vest. The entertainer says: “Look, we’re passing the Spaso-Prilutsky monastery.” Igor comes back. The music stops and the entertainer says that the next song will be for Tanyushka (the wife), and that Igor wants to wish her a happy Social Workers’ day. The music starts and they go to dance again. Then the boat stops and everyone starts getting off. Igor says it was a good day and Tatiana replies it was not bad at all.